Sustainability PR Campaign for Eco-luxury Fashion Brand



A long journey to help Metiseko - a high-end fashion brand, rejuvenate its brand image and clarify the brand’s culture-focused aspect.


Project background

Metiseko is a luxury fashion brand focusing on glorifying Vietnam cultural heritage by harnessing time-honored traditional craftsmanship methods to transform natural materials, including organic cotton and silk, into timeless and high-quality products.

However, Metiseko has been struggling with three difficulties.

  1. Expanding the target audience: Initially focusing on middle-aged people, Metiseko decided to broaden its age range and appeal to a younger demographic. However, the firm discovered that the younger generation lacked confidence in mixing and matching the brand’s items, particularly products made from lacquer silk. Due to a deeply ingrained belief that “silk items are meant for the elderly,” young people hesitated to purchase and incorporate them into their daily lives. To address this, Metiseko wanted to raise awareness about the brand’s mission and vision, seeking to reshape customers’ perception of silk’s uses through the Lanh My A (Lacquer Silk) Fashion collection.
  2. Extending the target market: Before Covid-19, Metiseko targeted tourists from foreign countries. However, the pandemic showed the importance of the domestic market, prompting Metiseko to diversify its customer base to include more domestic consumers.
  3. Conveying the brand’s story: Metiseko had never implemented a PR campaign before as the company’s two French founders wanted to build a silent fashion brand that positively impacted the eco-fashion industry in Vietnam. This prompted Metiseko to launch a long-term campaign to tell the full story.

Our challenge

First, we wanted to clear up misunderstandings about silk clothes and popularize their use in everyday life, especially among young people. In addition, through PR activities, we aimed to expand Metiseko’s customer base in the domestic market.

We were aware of the importance of Metiseko’s business philosophy as a luxury brand striving to reflect local Vietnamese heritage alongside fulfilling the company’s environmental and social responsibilities. As the PR representative for Metiseko, we also expected to spread the brand’s mission and vision moving beyond a store selling high-end fashion products, to focus on a sustainable revolution for the Vietnamese fashion industry and the role of bringing Vietnamese craftsmanship to another level.

Our execution

First, we organized a private event at a Metiseko store to commemorate the launch of the Lanh My A (Lacquer Silk) Fashion collection on May 9th, 2023. We worked with the brand to throw a cozy and thoughtful event by connecting with targeted media and KOLs lists, developing and distributing the press release. To bring the brand closer to a young audience, we worked with those who were not only popular on social media among young people, but also fit the premium image of the brand such as Minh Ha, Ho Tu Anh, Tu Binh. They also wore clothes from new fashion collections from the brand to show the practicality of lacquered silk in daily life.

Secondly, we helped to organize a workshop that allowed all guests to gain a deeper understanding of the history and culture of Lanh My A and Vietnamese craftsmanship, emphasizing the fusion of “East Meets West” in each Metiseko product.

We also maintained connections with media and Instagram influencers to increase engagement and foster a growing relationship between Metiseko, the media and influencers.

Finally, we kept the noise going by developing and conducting editorials, which spread the message of Lanh My A Fashion collection and the brand’s enduring vision.

Our results

We achieved remarkable outcomes following the campaign.

What we learned

We believe that the success of PR campaign between Metiseko and Ivy+Partners stemmed from a few key factors:

  • Discovering hidden needs: When a brand seeks us out, they always share their overall aims. But even a detailed plan will fall apart if we do not look straight into struggles that the brand is facing. To provide appropriate services, we sought to explore the brand’s current problems and suggest solutions according to our expertise, resolving their hidden concerns.
  • Utilizing the power of face-to-face interactions: Eye-catching displays are essential to get across the distinctive aesthetic and philosophy of high-end fashion brands like Metiseko. Through events and workshops, the brand can strengthen its relationship with the media.
  • Boosting the roles of influencers: Customers tend to view an influencer as an integral part of a brand’s image. Therefore, our role is “try before you trust,” guaranteeing that the person who will wear Metiseko’s items is a fit for the brand and can spread the brand’s image to the young generation.