We're not just another PR agency but a PR Consulting Firm. We're in the business of creating captivating narratives that resonate with your audience.

Making authentic connections

We believe in the power of storytelling and we make brands talkable for the right reasons.


We believe every brand has a story that needed to be told – and we are here to do that – through integrated communications strategy, with PR at its root cause.

How We Do

“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” – Public Relations Society of America.

Effective public relations strategies improve your business’ brand awareness, reputation, brand love, loyalty, relationships with key stakeholders, and employer branding. They give your business ample opportunities and a real competitive edge, all by navigating the complex environment, getting your brand’s stories told, maintaining a positive reputation, and building relationships with external stakeholders.


No two projects are ever the same. Each time we receive a brief, we dive deep to understand your business objectives, goals, message, timeline, budget, discuss complex issues, and uncover future plans.

Strategic Planning

It's a process. Research and understand the insight, choose the tactic, and the channels, build the message house, plan the timeline, how to utilize the materials, optimize the budget, and maximize the results. It's what we do.

Story Building & Content Production

We create interesting stories easily customizable across audience groups, platforms, and channels. We place your messages front and center for engaging conversations with your target audience.


Our highly skilled professionals aim to have seamless and flawless execution and monitor plans closely to adjust, consult, and respond accordingly. Whether it's an offline event, a 360 campaign, a pitch to the media, or an influencer engagement, we do small things with great love.

Measure & Review

We believe in continuous learning. At the end of each project, we make the time to measure results and takeaway key learnings for future campaigns. It only gets better.

Explore our expertise

Our comprehensive suite of services at Ivy+Partners seamlessly combines the realms of sponsorship, partnership, and business matching to catalyze your business growth on both local and international fronts.


Sponsorship and Partnership

Unlocking local and international connections, our services aim to fuel your business growth by identifying suitable sponsors and forging partnerships aligned with your goals. With our local expertise and global network, we not only address your immediate needs but also strategically position your brand for international expansion. Partnerships, at the heart of our approach, merge local insights with global potential, creating synergies that drive growth both locally and on the international stage.

Business Matching

In addition to sponsorship and partnership, our business matching service extends beyond, connecting you with potential clients, partners, investors, and startups for strategic collaborations. We act as your facilitator in finding the perfect match, ensuring that your connections are not only aligned with your business objectives but also geared towards fostering growth and innovation.

Co-branding Opportunities

Furthermore, co-branding initiatives open doors to new horizons by aligning with your brand's values and vision. Our expertise in identifying co-branding opportunities ensures that collaborations resonate both locally and globally, boosting your presence within the community and establishing a strong foothold in the international marketplace.

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