A scientific approach to product design

Every success follows countless failures. After 15+ years and hundreds of product and feature launches, we know what works and what doesn’t. Along the way, we’ve perfected methodologies and processes to minimize costs and increase returns on investments.

Our services

We are your PR consultant identifying your needs, offering a full suite of Storytelling, PR, Media & Influencer Engagement services to solve your problems and strengthen your brand names.

Public Relations

We provide PR scope to help businesses communicate with the public including internal & external stakeholders through online and offline PR activities.

Digital Communications

We bring our clients an integrated picture with digital, integrated PR activities such as content marketing, social media management, community engagement, etc to success in the digitalization era.

KOL Engagement

It’s not only about who you connect with but also about how we engage with key opinion leaders, influencers and experts in the industries. And we are here to draft and tailor your strategy.

Personal Branding

No matter who you are, business owner or indie artist, your image and reputation are important. We know your personal branding is important as corporate branding and it makes you feel comfortable with your own personality.

Business Matching

Are you looking for partners, investors or sponsors? Here at Ivy+Partners, we build the bridge connecting those who share the same values and visions to achieve the best results in the long run.

Our clients